2016 Citroen Survolt Concept

2016 Citroen Survolt, is coming soon. Citroën is a significant French vehicle supplier, part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group considering that 1976. Citroen initially introduced the C4 Cactus as a concept automobile two years ago at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Maybe it’s a sign of the moments yet almost every major automaker has actually revealed some type of amazed automobile, with everything from battery-powered supercars to hybrid metropolitan runabouts making their debut in either manufacturing or concept type.

2016 Citroen Survolt Review

2016 Citroen Survolt

2016 Citroen Survolt

Up until the recent past, pure electric cars then hybrids have actually mostly been the domain name of the eco activity but thanks to the efforts of firms like Tesla, which have revealed that electrical powertrains can be used fairly successfully in sports car platforms, mainstream car manufacturers then customers alike are starting to figure the concept that electrical vehicles can be both eco-friendly and also enjoyable.

Previously this year French car manufacturer 2016 Citroen Survolt Concept introduced its new electrical sports car idea as well as now the automobile has actually taken to the famous Le Mans Circuit for an unique rally event.

With its One Hundred Percent battery-powered drivetrain- a rarity on the planet of racing– the Survolt charged around the training course, followed closely by the previous 2016 Citroen Survolt Concept and a parade of DS3 hatchbacks.

Piloting the extreme principle was competing driver, Vanina Ickx, who commented: “I am extremely proud to have actually participated in this special job. On the track it felt truly excellent. It’s a genuine race auto, with an extremely encouraging potential for the future.”.

2016 Citroen Survolt

2016 Citroen Survolt

The 2016 Citroen Survolt Concept principle’s 2 electric motors supply up to 300 horsepower, a top speed of 162 mph as well as a 0-62 mph time of less than 5 secs. The paired 300 pound lithium-ion batteries can cover 124 miles and also can be re-charged in merely 2 hours with a particular power supply, or in 10 hrs on the common 220 Volt network.

Following on kind last year’s unveiling of the Citroen Revolte, this year’s Geneva motorshow is showcasing the new 2016 Citroen Survolt Concept as part of the French company’s ongoing efforts in electric cars.

Certainly this isn’t any average electrical vehicle, according to Citroen its a practiced blend of high-fashion prestige then overspending with motor-racing punch.

The 2016 Citroen Survolt Concept gauges 3.85 m long, 1.87 m vast and also 1.20 m high as well as it looks business in all regarsd. The Survolt is possibly one of the very best looking sports car principles we have actually seen in current times and an excellent sign of where Citroen might be goinged in the future.

Little is learnt about the vehicle’s drive train except that it’s a pure electric car. Citroen claims it’s testing the preception of electric automobiles with the sporty Survolt.

News release:.


2016 Citroen Survolt

2016 Citroen Survolt

2016 Citroen Survolt Concept is the continuation of CITROËN’S exploration of distinctive and also initial electrical automobiles, initiated with the Revolte idea vehicle exposed finally year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Survolt transforms obtained notions on their heads through its substantially brand-new vision in a skilled mix of high-fashion prestige then dissipation with motor-racing strike.

The need to conquer one’s restrictions, take points even more, risk and also develop is written in CITROËN’S DNA. Dropping convention, agitating the rules, moving boundaries and also unusual constantly is the passionate pursuit then leitmotiv of a brand that over its 90-year past history has actually never ceased to establish innovative things ahead of their time. Survolt is one of these. It takes the genetic fabric of Revolte and includes an extroverted sports dimension to the mix.

Like a high-end accessory that transcends an outfit, Survolt is CITROËN’S answer to a vehicle universe that frequently appears morose. Survolt discards method and also transgresses existing codes to start a brand-new type of trendy, sporty then sophisticated supermini. Throwing present fads as well as indicating the future of sleek coupés, it unites elegance, beauty then sporting enthusiasm, sublimating this last top quality with its electric drivetrain.

2016 Citroen Survolt

2016 Citroen Survolt

With its compact dimensions– 3.85 m long, 1.87 m vast and 1.20 m high– Survolt reappropriates sports car designing cues to develop an all-new then cutting edge principle.

At the front, the unique car badge reigns elegantly higher than the big oval-shaped grille, its center the home of the striking dual chevron. The auto’s “look”– enchanting as well as profound at the same time– draws in as well as holds the visitor’s look with a guarantee of transgressions instantly enabled. Its slim, horizontal head lights, motivated by high-performance sporting activities coupés, exert a magnetic charm, while an LED light signature includes a contemporary, high-tech touch.

Survolt was made to gobble up the miles and also glide over roadways. Low-slung then streamlined, it showcases strong contrasts in between the sexy bonnet and generous, toned flanks, highlighted by emphatic wheel arches that promise performance and also thrills.

2016 Citroen Survolt

2016 Citroen Survolt

Survolt’s air-slicing, moving style is heavy on enjoyment and sensuality. It shares dexterity, preciseness as well as vigor, barely consisting of an effective, distinct musculature under fine-tuned as well as luxurious wraps. The back attributes the elegant light trademark of Revolte along with a spoiler in an essential reference to motor sport.

Survolt is innovative and effective but likewise knows the best ways to switch on the beauty, exposing its finest assets to bridge in automobile racing sectors. It includes two-tone paint, shades of fuchsia and also charcoal grey, and also has fun with materials and volumes. The contours change from satin-smooth to shiny, destroying definitively with the timeless manly codes of the sports globe. Survolt continues the job begun with Revolte by again mixing 2 universes with contrasting appearances. Survolt avoids decorum to develop its very own styling language.

The addition of products such as chrome as well as aluminium inevitably recall the spheres of luxury goods and motor sport. Survolt is a perfect combination between high fashion and also car racing, an one-of-a-kind partnership with the very same philosophy then the very same signs as Revolte, specifically efficiency, cutting-edge modern technology and also quality.

Elegantly flashy.

2016 Citroen Survolt

2016 Citroen Survolt

Survolt’s cockpit is designed like a floating cell, a glass setting held in between chrome-finished roll bars like some spectacular piece of jewelry. The leitmotiv with Survolt is to transgress the conventions of the high-end globe then incorporate them elegantly with those of the sporting globe.

The log cabin was thought of as a cross between 2 globes that by their essence are opposed. This union begets a natural universe, both moving and technical, from which the vehicle driver’s station springs forth. The inside as a whole was designed to bring both owners convenience and also refinement, causing singular satisfaction then a superior encounter.

The auto’s charitable glazed area brings light as well as an experience of room, light years from that supplied by today’s sports cars.

Transcendent power and enjoyment.

Ahead of its time, Survolt astounds with its ingenious, green modern technology. Like Revolte, Survolt is powered by electricity, therefore togethering sporting activities efficiency with ecological respect then lasting development. Still specifically unusual in the racing world, this technical solution likewise embodies a previously unthinkable partnership. However CITROËN dares as well as produces, transgressing conventions to much better sublimate them. With irreproachable eco-friendly qualifications, the drivetrain blends driving satisfaction, delights, performance and vigor, and all in severe convenience, considering that the car is silent in operation.

CITROËN is suggesting a new automotive vision with Survolt, in a move that is completely regular with its 90-year history as a cutting-edge brand name focused on imagination then modern technology.

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